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Greenwich Staff Values

Values matter. Every successful company has a set of values to assist staff to achieve their goals - as well as the company’s. In Royal Greenwich, our values shape our working practices. Each value is also backed by a set of behaviours that show just how the values can be demonstrated.

  • Listens and learns from residents to improve results
  • Makes sure residents are well informed on things that affect them
  • Helps residents understand what other services the Council provides and how to access them
  • Communicates in plain English (doesn’t use jargon)
  • Prioritises residents’ needs over the Council’s convenience

  • Treats everyone they meet as equals, with respect, fairness and dignity
  • Makes time to listen to people carefully
  • Puts themselves in other people’s shoes to understand what they’re thinking and experiencing
  • Ensures people feel safe and respected 
  • Speaks up when someone’s treated unfairly or without respect

  • Does what they say they’ll do on time
  • Apologises when someone’s wrong and personally looks to sort it out
  • Is clear and honest about what can and can’t be done
  • Looks for different ways of achieving what’s needed (rather than saying ‘can’t’)
  • Goes the extra mile when needed

  • Keeps looking for ways to do things better, faster or for less money
  • Prioritises the tasks that will make the most difference
  • Reviews and learns from mistakes (doesn’t blame others) 
  • Tells colleagues what’s worked well and what could go better
  • Brings in best practices from outside so people can do things better

  • Reaches out to collaborate with people across the Council
  • Works readily with others in the Council to help achieve our aims
  • Steps up to help even if it’s not their own area
  • Thinks about how their own decisions affect people outside their own area of work
  • Readily shares their own experience, information and knowledge with people outside their own area of work